About Us

Officially established and put into operation on October 10, 2019, ECH CREATIVE JSC. (abbreviated as ECH Creative) orients to become a leader in the industry. Diversity, abundance, ambition to cover Southeast Asia. Consisting of a collection of creative enthusiasts, who always aspire to create top products and services with the motto: Creativity – Quality – Practicality.


2019 / October

This is the start-up time of ECH, when in terms of facilities and personnel, there are still many difficulties. But with enthusiasm and tireless efforts, overcoming many challenges, we have been building ECH Creative Agency with the mission of creating brand experiences that are both new and original to our customers.

2021 / January

ECH Creative’s next step in expanding its business is to lay the foundation for ECH Creative Publications, with the goal of bringing unique and interesting publications to book lovers. Our main products are traded on the online platform with the domain name: pub.echcreative.com/ and other large intermediary transactions such as TIKI, LAZADA, Phuong Nam Book, ..


Our mission is to bring the large number of Vietnamese people with the opportunity to have an access to the source of knowledge/products/services with a higher quality of creative values. Therefore, we can have a part in building knowledge base and culture of Vietnam in specific and throughout the world in general.

Core Value

As the name of our company, E – “ENTHUSIASM”, C – “CREATIVITY”, H – “HAPPINESS” are the core values that ECH Creative puts on top. Throughout our establishment and development to create “Timeless Marks”, we are always enthusiastic, constantly creative and happy with what we do.