Packaging Designer


  • Announcement when hiring


  • Overall experience and know-how in developing feeders and hard packages
  • Package development based on understanding logistics, productivity, and unit price
  • Deep know-how and experience in printing / production
  • The ability to create intuitive and sensuous artwork (photos, illustrations)
  • Communication skills: You must be able to confer advice and suggestions from clients, as well as understand what they want
  • Time management skills: You’ll often find that you’re juggling several projects almost simultaneously
  • Teamwork skills: Designers must be able to collaborate and get along with others when they work as part of a design team
  • Technical skills: A knowledge of both typography and color theory is critical. internships

Preferential treatment

  • Those who have experience in package development at companies specializing in consumer products
  • People who have experience in synergy by collaborating with people from various fields
  • People who can speak English or Chinese

Working conditions

  • Full-time (with probation period)
  • Fully selective working hours

How to apply

Send your application including: 01 personal introduction and career goal, 01 resume and a summary of past projects (PDF documents of 30mb or smaller) to hr@echcreative.com

When submitting your application via email, be sure to include [Name of position] before the title.
For example: [Graphic Designer] My name is Nguyen Van A.

Please understand that the documents and hiring process for each division is different.

Recruitment procedures and results will be notified individually by email registered on the application.
If there is any false information in the application, acceptance may be canceled.